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“When everyone else is doing the same thing it is the perfect time to do something different.”

Our mission

Be better than we have to be!

It is a simple statement.  It is a humble statement. It means to serve, to strive, to never rest on your laurels and to never accept the status quo.  Rise to the challenge and then go beyond. Perhaps the best part about this mission statement, this ethos, is who inspired it.

Her name is Cynthia Graham Hurd. This world was diminished when, at 54 years old, she was gunned down with eight other churchgoers in Charleston, NC.  She had a simple motto, “Be kinder than necessary”. I heard that saying once and decided at that moment that I would take the spirit of that beautiful statement and let it form the words that would guide our actions at Zeppelin.  Rest in peace Ms. Hurd and thank you for sharing your wisdom.

About Zeppelin

We are striving to be evermore socially and globally responsible.  We manufacture, market and distribute our products with an intense focus on "Green Methods".  We further choose to operate with reinvestment as a primary goal. We will always invest in our product, our people, our community and our future.

We, by the way, are Tony and Keith Gangitano.  We are father & son and together, along with the indispensable help of Cole Maston and Dan McDonald, are Zeppelin. We build the AIRWALL. We all also come from very different backgrounds but as Father, Son and friends we have always been able to find common ground.


We are all in this not as another job, but as a passion.

Keith "Hot Rod"


A dent guy, an entrepreneur, a WRT certified water tech & an inventor. Owner of a dent company, as well as partner in a 4 year old start-up and Zeppelin.

Tony "The Godfather"


A recently retired Master Mechanic and Senior Manager of field operations in the Commercial Refrigeration/HVAC industry.

Daniel "Dan the Man"


A highly regarded master technician in the commercial refrigeration/HVAC industry.
Dan IS the cavalry!

Cole "Colby"


A master craftsman in upholstery,
an entrepreneur and a sales
and marketing regional manager.
This guy is a beast!

/trusted by best brands

Great concept. Easy to use. Very dynamic company.

Frederick Paolo

Mold Zero

Airwall just looks better for my clients. It creates a better drying chamber that is more esthetically pleasing. Best of all, it’s just so easy to use.

Sean Michael Lewis

ceo of Tier Level

Airwall simply saves me tons of time on labor struggling with containment materials that simply don’t work. Tape doesn’t stick, containment falls down, etc.. This gives me a consistent result, every time.

Eddie Green

Restoration Expert


Excited team members


airwall products


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Satisfied Clients