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Who are the Zeppelin Guys?

November 11, 2019


We are them, we are they, we are...the men in red shoes!  Yes, the red shoes.

Won’t mean anything if you weren’t at the show in Vegas in September.  Heck, it may not mean anything if you were.  Many of you couldn’t take your eyes off of our product and some of you, at times, couldn’t get your eyes ON our product, much less observe the fact that we all were, in fact, wearing red shoes!  There were actually many times that we were so busy at our booth that we couldn’t accommodate all of you.  Many walked away frustrated and for that we are sorry.  We promise to have more space at the show next year.  In the meantime, I will attempt to introduce myself and our team again and for the first time.  

I am Keith Gangitano, the CEO of Zeppelin LLC and the inventor of the AIRWALL product line.

Tony Gangitano, the CFO and father of yours truly, was also in attendance at the booth, despite the fact that he is not a natural for that environment.  That being said, we and the people that he met with all agree that he stepped up and knocked it out of the park. Good job Dad!  You also had the opportunity to meet Cole Maston, our COO and master fabricator.  Cole has been with us since day one.  Let’s go back to day one for a second. I met with Cole in his kitchen, at the breakfast bar, and explained this crazy idea and, barely, convinced him to throw his lot in with me on the oddball project that had no name at the time.  Brian Follosco, brother-in-law and son-in-law, was also gracious enough to lend his expertise in this endeavor.  He, as opposed to Tony, was totally in his element.  His experience in this type of environment is absolutely invaluable!  He helped us to mind the details, take notes, don’t block the display, observe sight lines and identify some of the truly amazing opportunities that came along. Thanks BF! You did not however get to meet Dan McDonald.  It was a tough decision for all but in the end, we all decided that Dan was needed more back here, than at the show.  I wish we had known how busy the booth was going to be.  We might have made a different decision and we might have gotten to more of you but, hindsight is 20/20.

Speaking of 2020,

this upcoming year is going to be amazing! It will be the year that many of you begin to understand the AIRWALL and begin to introduce AIRWALL products into your operations.  It is the year that we will begin to leave a real impact on the world of restoration.

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