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When Plastic and Tape Aren't Enough

October 26, 2020


There are times when plastic sheets and sturdy tape are enough to provide containment during home cleanup and similar projects. However, there are situations where these supplies just aren't protective enough. If you're hoping to protect yourself and others from a lot of construction debris, dangerous chemicals, or even noise and confusion, a sheet of plastic just isn't going to do the job.

Threats to Plastic Sheeting

One of the downfalls in using plastic that's been taped to door frames, windows, and other openings is the vulnerability of the material. Plastic is easy to tear, especially when it's been exposed to pressurized bits of dirt or construction hazards:


As construction crews and the people who live or work in a building move past sheeting barriers, the strength of the bond between the plastic and tape is weakened. Of course, contaminated or dirty air naturally passes through with each person as well.

Weaknesses of Adhesive Tape

Another pitfall associated with the plastic and tape containment method is the vulnerability of tape. Even high-quality adhesive tapes are sensitive to extreme temperatures, moisture and dust in the air, and the pressure of holding up sheeting against the force of gravity. Tape degrades over time, losing its grip, becoming brittle, and breaking down when exposed to ultraviolet light (such as light from the sun.)

Benefits of Alternatives

The good news is that there are alternative forms of protection from construction or cleanup crews. There are reusable containment options that go way past plastic sheeting and duct tape. These containment options are equipped with negative air capabilities, HEPA filters and adapters, and heavy-duty barriers to seal off areas in your building.

When tape and plastic just don't provide enough containment for your purposes, check out your other options. Your job site, whether residential or commercial, deserves top-quality barriers and protection, and so do the people living and working in the area.

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Downsides of Using Plastic and Tape for Containment

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