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What is AIRWALL?

November 7, 2019


The reality is this; controlling the environment of an affected space is the most important part of your job.

You have to control for temperature, humidity, and contaminants, and let’s face it, you also have to control for human activity, that of your staff, your clients, and insurance adjusters. Oh yeah, and if you want to maximize your profits, then you have to also control your costs. Any innovation that gives you enhanced control across the spectrum is worth more than a second look; it is worth an investment in your restoration business.

Our growing line of AIRWALL products currently allow you to easily and effectively create containment and drying chambers in the crawl space, living space, and the attic space.

We are talking about a 3X increase in efficiency created by over 20 inches of insulating air and a near perfect seal. We stand true to this claim even in the highly irregular environment encountered in an attic or crawl space!  We are also talking about performance in the AIRWALL X. Besides creating an effective barrier, it can also establish negative pressure containment that can easily create a vacuum 3X more powerful than the traditional standards call for. With the addition of an extra support pole, AIRWALL X can generate numbers up to 12X more powerful than needed. Why would you ever have to do that? You wouldn’t, but it speaks to the effectiveness of the seal and the reliability of our equipment.  We haven’t even addressed the AIRWALL 96X, 108X and 120X that will allow you to create a whole room divider by zipping together and daisy chaining the number of units needed. Keep your eyes open because our first deliveries of these room divider units are anticipated as early as Spring 2020.

AIRWALL is going to be the biggest thing to happen to restoration since the introduction of the refrigerant dehumidifier.

That’s it, full stop! Call 408-AIRWALL or email info@zeppelinguys for more details on our AIRWALL Products.

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