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Saving the Planet One AIRWALL at a time

November 13, 2019


It isn’t often that the Green option

is the same as the green

option, think hybrids, paper straws, compostable plastics and planet friendly cleaning products.  I can’t actually think of one green product that costs less than the standard option and often, though I’m loathe to admit it, the products usually don’t perform as well as the more wasteful or toxic solutions, think paper straws and planet friendly cleaning products.  Being “green” often means that one must sacrifice performance and money in order to have a clean conscience.  Not in this case!  The AIRWALL product line is the perfect merger of high performance, reduced costs AND a reduction in the waste stream as well as a reduction in the carbon footprint of the restoration industry. Simply put, Zeppelin and our lineup of AIRWALL products can help save the planet and make you more money in the process.  No gimmicks, no gotchas and no disclaimers.  Invest in an AIRWALL and within 3-6 uses you’ll be in the black and making money.  Invest in our line of products and stop throwing away all of that plastic and the money that paid for it.

Look, I’m no pie in the sky tree hugging hippie that thinks cars will run on farts and good intentions in the next ten years, but seriously, if you can be a good steward of the planet by using a better product that makes you more money, then why wouldn’t you?  All it will take from you is the willingness to try something new.  Once you try the AIRWALL you will wonder what you’ve been doing all this time. We are so confident in our product that we offer a 30 day money back guarantee.  There is no risk to you, so let’s start saving the planet, one AIRWALL at a time!

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